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Quaint Relics


Aidan Chavez

Quaint Relics is a speculative exploration of electronic waste and its potential for reuse in different contexts. Motivated by the worrying effects of planned obsolescence and consumerism, the project provides a glimpse into a future where individuals persistently seek outlets for consumer goods, even in the face of material scarcity hindering the creation of new products. The scenario for this project was as follows:

“Following decades of excessive consumption, the manufacture of new consumer goods becomes scarce. This scarcity drives individuals to rely on refurbishment and repair of existing items to fulfill their need for new items. The abundance of end-of-life electronics makes it particularly ideal as a resource.

This trend prompts many to reconsider what was previously deemed as worthless and discover ways to transform its characteristics and functions into novel products. Consequently, these electronics are revived and given a new life.”

The overarching goals of Quaint Relics were twofold: to explore how the original functions of electronics could find new contexts and to examine how our connections to certain electronics might shape our perception of the transformed pieces.

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