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Naomi Salazar

This world building project speculates what would happen if infertility was made worldwide by climate change and pollution. It explores the affects of post humanism and what it means to experience motherhood and how it can be capitalized. The companies that hold the power to create babies distinguish themselves by design, cost, and credit reviews. If you are not a perfect candidate for any of the companies, your bloodline will die out. Since the authentic human no longer exists, to design your baby based on humans will be more expensive rather than with technological advancements like robotics. The motivation for each of these families to create their babies has changed from a biological human need to the need to experience human authenticity and carry on genes or bloodlines. This brings up questions of control over your offspring, who can experience motherhood, what eugenics means in a posthuman world, and how far companies will go in order to govern its consumers.

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