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Mochiworld Concert


Nadine Permana

Re-imagining the world from a dog’s point of view, Mochiworld is a dog concert for dogs. Through a virtual concert, my sister and I co-created with Mochi, a schnauzer-poodle mix, to create music. By creating a space aimed to entertain humans and dogs alike, we can explore the outcomes of closely co-creating with dogs and its effects.

Dogs, having descended from wolves after years of evolution and domestication, likely kept the same rationale of howling. With the intention of attracting attention, initiating bonding behaviors, or organizing together, howling amongst dogs is one of the ways they communicate with their peers.

The idea began when I noticed Mochi seemed to enjoy singing whenever my sister played violin. Together, they created a harmonious and interesting solo-accompaniment duet of traditional violin and dog howling. Due to Mochi’s particularness, however, the process of obtaining the recordings required lots of attentiveness to Mochi’s mood and song preferences.

Pulling together Mochi’s performance, I designed a branding for the concert to cater dogs and humans alike. Edited in a trendy, youthful aesthetic, the video is entertaining to watchers of all kinds. The printed promotional material advertising the Mochiworld concert are designed assets that supplement the branding of the concert. Having the promotional merch together with the virtual concert, establishes the vision of this concert for humans and dogs together.

As a whimsical exploration of an animal-led concert, we can begin to imagine how things could change if we shift the spotlight from us to the animals around us. Perhaps things like entertainment can be geared to include our furry best friends.

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