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Future Lab


Probe into

Non-human Intelligence

Shift Perspectives

through Co-creation

Human-centric thinking is causing us to damage our planet and other forms of life in ways that can’t be repaired. As the Anthropocene rampages, our challenge for the next decade will be to reimagine how we live through the lens of the environment; to shift our perspectives from human-centered, EGO-centric, profit-driven post-industrialist thinking to a multi-species, ECO-centric worldview. This requires a fundamental perception change, rewiring our views of nature and hierarchies of intelligence.

There are numerous types of intelligence beyond human intelligence, such as distributed intelligence of octopuses, swarm intelligence of ants, bees, and birds, collective intelligence of mycelium, and microbial intelligence. Co-create with non-human species helps us probe into different intelligences, shift perspectives, and interrogate ourselves. To collaborate, we need to go beyond passive looking and deeply understand the non-human intelligence, behavior, and agency. We need to respect, learn, connect, share the umwelt, and embody each other. Finding connections reveals how we are part of many continuums of intelligence. 

Research Themes

Eco-centric Design

Shift our perspective towards eco-centric and multispecies futures, extend human creativity with non-human intelligence, and reimagine design approaches that prioritize collective flourishing and interconnectedness.

Design for Health

Empower individuals to take control of their health by easily access their biomarkers, understand them, and take actions. Explore untapped specimens to challenge traditional perspectives.

Technology Activism

Harnesses the power of technology to drive social change, address inequalities, and empower marginalized communities, contributing to a more just and equitable society.

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